Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the summer programs?

If you are on a laptop or desktop, on any of the pages in the NHAS website, scroll to the top of the page move your cursor to the upper bar and click on 'Apply After School' or ‘Apply - Summer’.  On a Tablet, look for the 3 horizontal Menu Bars at the top right corner of your screen and click to open the navigation bar.

Who is eligible to apply for the 2019 summer program?

Anyone who is in 7th to 12 grades as of the fall of 2018 can apply.  Graduating seniors can also apply.  

How are participants chosen for the summer programs?

Participants are chosen who:

  1. show sound academic achievement

  2. exhibit personal and academic responsibility

  3. exhibit curiosity of the natural world

  4. work well either as an individual or in a team

Can I attend 2 summer programs?

Any one person can participate in a maximum of 2 programs.

Can anyone apply for financial aid?

Anyone can apply for financial aid.  Financial aid is not guaranteed, but we do our best to support any students who would not be able to participate because of financial reasons.

Can I attend if I have a schedule conflict?

Students with significant date conflicts, such as missing key days (first two days of safety and experimental planning), are encouraged to delay their application for another year.  Students with minor date conflicts are encouraged to apply despite the minor conflicts; our staff will assist participants to facilitate dealing with minor schedule conflicts to ensure they get the most from the program.  Please check with our staff to find if your conflicts are only minor.

Can I design my own experiments?

You can design and execute experiments based on your own ideas.  The only limitations beyond those of safety are that we are able to support you in the way of instruments and guidance you will need.

What if I want to do experiments that cost more than my included laboratory fee?

Although we have a broad array of instruments and we have two animal model organisms, extensive molecular biological equipment, and the ability to execute standard plant tissue culture, there are instances where unusual research materials are needed.  If they are of minor cost, the NHAS will purchase them. If they are not of minor cost, you will be given the option to pay for the extra materials.

If I do my research, am I guaranteed attendance at the annual AAAS meeting as a Junior Academy delegate?

No, in order to be accepted, you must submit your research in the form of an abstract and summary paper for review by a committee of scientists.  If your paper passes peer-review, you will then be accepted as a New Hampshire Junior Academy delegate to attend the AAAS meeting.  Currently, the NH Academy can allow about 20 students to attend the annual AAAS meeting. 

Do I need to be a member of the NHAS to attend the STEM programs?

No. However, in order to submit your abstract and summary paper and to receive continued mentorship from NHAS scientists, annual membership is required. Student membership is currently $25/year. Please visit the membership page to pay your annual dues.

How does my student membership help me? 

Our mentors help students not only in their research but also in finding how to become involved in other science opportunities that are in our state, or country.  Members of the NHAS are part of our scientific community and we help you connect with other members to advance your career including guidance and providing formal recommendations when applying to college.

If I do not go to the AAAS what can I do with my research?   

In addition to the AAAS, we will mentor you to use your research to enter a variety of other events such as the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, the NH State Science Fair, or publishing your work. We will also help you to continue your research.  This can be done in our summer or academic year programs, or on your own with the guidance of our mentors.  If you continue your research, you stand a good chance of being accepted in future years to attend the AAAS.

Is the NHAS part of Crossroads? Why is the lab on the Crossroads campus?

While Crossroads Academy and NHAS are totally separate nonprofit organizations, we collaborate on the Crossroads campus to make quality STEM education available for Crossroads students and for students from across the Upper Valley.

Do you offer housing and/or transportation?

No, not at this time. We may consider offering such services in the future. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, at the rate determined by the IRS. The NHAS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Federal Tax ID #46-5758781