STEM PROGRAM opportunities


After school PROGRAM - 2018/2019

Our STEM Laboratory operates an after school research program for middle (grades 6th-8th) and high school students from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM 2 days per week of the school year starting in September 2018.  Registration for this program began will begin in August 2018.  Please check back or contact us for more information.  For more information on last year's After School Program, please click here.

SUMMER programs 2018 - Now open for enrollment!

We offer two, 3-week research programs that run during the summer.  Any individual may participate in up to two programs in a single summer.  Participants may work in groups of up to 3 students.  Students participate in authentic scientific research guided by our experienced faculty and student mentors. Each group will be involved in developing their own project. They will be given brief reading material and scientific training videos prior to the start of their research. By the last week, students will analyze their data, write an abstract, and present their research in a formal setting to scientists, other students, and guests. Students in 8th grade or older are given the opportunity to submit an abstract and paper to the NHAS.  All abstracts and papers will go through a rigorous peer-review by STEM professionals. If accepted, students will be invited to participate in the AJAS.

Students may choose from these 2 program dates (up to 2):     
June 15-July 6, 2018 (
8AM-4PM, M-F)         July 9-July 27, 2018 (8AM-4PM, M-F)

Each participant in either one of our 3-week programs will be fully immersed in all aspects of original laboratory research. As part of an authentic STEM experience, each participant will be encouraged to utilize creative thinking and analytical skills to develop their own scientific hypothesis and design their own investigation.  Expert scientists will guide the participants through literature research to develop a sound experimental design and choose from a variety of experimental techniques available in our lab to execute their experiments. Successful completion of each investigation will require engineering and problem-solving skills as the participant builds and adapts scientific instruments to the evolving needs of their investigation. In the final week, all participants will apply advanced statistical analysis on their data and prepare an oral presentation of their research to a group of scientists and guests.
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Student apprenticeships

We offer student apprenticeships. In some cases these apprentices can be supported with stipends.  The object of these apprenticeships is to allow students 16 years or older, who have demonstrated expertise in our STEM laboratory, to become part of our instructional team and work directly under a STEM professional.  For more information, Contact Us →